9-11 The World's Finest Comic Book Writers and Artists Tell Stories To Remember
ISBN: 1563898780

A graphic novel anthology, ranging from single-page artwork to full-stories. Each pay tribute to “ordinary people with extraordinary courage” — firemen, policemen and women, medical emergency personnel, children dealing with the loss of a parent.

The stories are organised by the following sections: Nightmares, Heroes, Recollections, Unity, Dreams, and Reflections.

The cover, by Alex Ross, shows superman and superdog gazing up a poster of those people mentioned, and going “wow” (reference to The Big All-American Comic Book by Kubert, Hibbard, Mayer et al.)

P216 lists the writers, artists and creative people who donated their time and effort to the project. Last page lists the funds and charities that will receive the profits from the publication.