Architectural Record/ Mar 2012

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Features architectural-related stories, with an accompanying design element relating to materials and/ or construction, build (e.g. One story was on zinc as a design material for building’s facade).

Seems mostly US-focused, though there are international coverage. E.g. Rebuilding efforts in Japan after the Tsunami; architectural designs for temporary housing; proposals for urban replanning.

This issue focuses on “building for social change”.

I found the ads (on construction and building materials) interesting.


Bloomberg Business Week/ Apr 2 – Apr 8 2012

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Choc-full of articles that – i suspect – would be relevant case studies in the future. The articles still seem as relevant now (read in Jul) as when they went to print 2 to 3 months ago.

Plenty of interesting tech/ business related news. E.g. HD camera surveillance industry;

A special report on the austerity measures in Europe; insightful highlights of the various cost cutting measures by the various EU nations. Snippets of infographics, human-interest side stories to hammer home the point about the impact of the economic downturn and miscalculated government initiatives.

Another feature article: Steve Job’s obsession with breaking the Android OS; summary of the patent wars between Apple and Samsung. P60. has an excellent infographic that summarised the various patent cases and their linkages between major companies (Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola, Oracle, Google, Barnes and Noble, Kodak)

KFC’s contrasting approach towards investment in the US franchisees VS. boom towns in China and Ghana.

Economic woes arising from massive bad debts in the banking industry, mostly from risky housing loans. Seems to me there were several examples of the concurrent excesses of social welfare and generous state subsidy schemes from earlier years; of politicians indirectly guaranteeing votes through populist measures that were ultimately funded with government debt.

Other articles:

On the pending US debt-ceiling crisis that would have to be confronted on Jan 1, 2013.

UK men’s fashion revival.

Bicycling/ Dec 2011

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p. 60. Feature article on Campagnolo (the Italian bike component maker): its business philosophy and approach. In essence, it resisted global expansion to cheaper bike, partly because it lacked the know-how then, but later as a deliberate policy of protecting the company’s knowledge and expertise in component R&D. Cited Schwinn’s demise after they expanded to Taiwan by collaborating with a Taiwanese firm, Giant. As a result of the inevitable knowledge transfer, Giant eventually became a competitor to Schwinn (p.67).

p. 18. On diary products; its benefits if one knows what and how much to consume.

p. 42. Review of ‘dream’ custom bikes.

p. 58. How to clear obstacles: Be ready/ anticipate; Go faster over cracks; Use knees and flexing elbows to soak up bumps; short-raising the front wheel; bunny hops.

Mountain bike action/ Oct 2011

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US-focused. Also focused on mountain biking and trail riding. Found this mag very content-packed. Seems to be mainly product reviews (frames, gear, destinations, complementary products like saddle posts, wheels, car frames, jerseys), and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.

Content also includes bike maintenance (this issue covered checking carbon-frame bikes after crashing it).

I found the reviews quite systematic (e.g. Covered the specs, actual riding experiences by their crew, straight-forward and non-technical coverage, recommendations on price and value for money).

What I found most likeable was the way they consistently talked or referred to the value for money in the products they reviewed.

Even though I’m not into off-trail mountain biking, I will certain read this magazine again. Informative and gives me insight to this sporting genre, which I find relevant as a cyclist.

Web Designer/ issue 197

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2012 issue, though by issue numbering only I can’t tell whih month it was (deliberately left out, even in the fine print?)

Targeted at any one who looks beneath the hood of the web site: web developers, from UI to UX; front end developer; backend integrators; DIY learn-as-they-go end users to SOHO freelancers. Fairly broad on terms and not that deep technically that ‘hobbyists’ can’t follow. Has enough depth that a practitioner can’t try out suggested codes. CD-ROM includes tutorials.

This issue overs:

  • WordPress blog security
  • Responsive design and the new iPad (3)
  • Dynamic content animation
  • Building an HTML 5 game with EaselJS
  • Making Electric type effects
  • Supercharge your CSS with Sass
  • Assemble a web server with Node.js
  • Round up of the best Tumbleblogs
  • Hosting listings
  • 24 sites with memorable, impactful logos
  • Evolution of Four-square
  • Profiles web designers and developers. “web talent showcase”

Single-page navigation & style

Bicycling/ Jan-Feb 2011

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Special on DIY bicycle maintenance (e.g. Adjusting dérailleurs, bike chains, bar tape, saddles)

Reviews of bicycle models, ads on gears and accessories (jerseys etc).

Stories on personalities, events.


Stories are well-written: crisp, depth without being laborious, not overly technical and not dumbed down.

Asian defence & diplomacy/ vol 18 dec 2011/ jan 2012

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Feature articles:
Light weapons.
Indian navy modernisation.
C4I in Asia (combat data and information networks).
Air to air weapons.

Has an advertorial (“perspectives”) by the Russian state managed defence exporter; talks about how its business model also includes an “offset programme” that packages other service opportunities. Cited Malaysia’s resulting astronaut to the international space station as an example.

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