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Hello. My name is Ivan, aka the Rambling Librarian. I’m Singaporean; a librarian by training and profession. This blog is a follow-up from an earlier one called Raw Notes.

One day, in 2004, while thinking about the application of blogs for libraries, I asked myself why don’t I use blogs as a way to record and archive the notes of things read, or for practicising my book review writing skills. Publishing them online would allow me to search for records of what I’ve read over the years. And perhaps someone googling for a book of the same title might find themselves in this blog, and start a book discussion.

And so I started Raw Notes over at Blogger.com, and after about 2 years, when WordPress.com came along, I decided to move over since I needed a better way to categorise my notes and reviews as more entries were created (ah, had Blogger.com created Categories, I’d have remained there).

So here I am.

Oh, the URL rawnotes.wordpress.com was unavailable and RoughNotes.wordpress.com was the next best thing. I guess it’s quite appropriate, since this blog is a refinement of the first one and hence, no longer as ‘raw’.

If you have a personal “book blog”, i.e. where you post stuff relating to books, reading, or libraries etc, or you’re thinking of starting one, drop me an email at ramblinglibrarian@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.

Ivan Chew, Mar 2006.

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