When are they going to make this into a full fledged Korean drama serial?

It had the right stuff, I thought.

At the end of the novel, i read that the author won the Korean Novelist Association award for best Korean Drama Scenario. Very engaging read.

A lost soldier.
To Pyongyang.
Into the orphanage. Picked as a dancer.
Scandal in the hotel. Betrayal, extortion.
Desperation. Capture. Torture.
Pint-sized unexpected help.
Life in the cave.
Almost caught (yet again)!
Neither here nor there.
Betrayal. Abduction.
A rescue of sorts.
Caught and bailed.
A new identity.
The spy.
The end. Or a new beginning?

“Selling flowers” as a euphemism for prostitution.

Humans are humans. Ideology remain as ideology.
People still fall in love. Love is not rational.
Stomachs still go hungry. Ideology alone cannot feed people’s minds, body and soul.

“I was breathing every moment but I wasn’t alive” – Jia, the protagonist.