Living a Charmed Life: Your Guide to Finding Magic in Every Moment of Every Day

ISBN: 9780061649899

The book may be written for women in mind, but is inclusive towards male readers.

Certain passages may come across as “spiritual new age” writing and (for the cynics, perhaps encouraging self-denial). E.g. from the inside cover jacket: “Living a charmed life is your birthright… practical and spiritual tips”.

The author may have anticipated this with the chapter “proceed despite detractors”.

But I found the ideas are in fairly ‘secular’ fashion overall. Most have their basis in eastern philosophies (from Gandhi to yoga to Buddhism). I don’t detect any big BS factor, but more of one person’s personal passionate, but not fanatic, opinions. The words are generally grounded to reality, e.g. P185, on ageing and author states that it’s a physical fact. Some ideas are just common sense, packaged in a nice handy way. E.g. Chpt 43, “start where you are with what you have”, “focus on vision everyday”, “plan your day”, “get enough sleep”, “if what you’re doing isn’t working , do something else”, “don’t stop because it’s hard”, “adapt to a changing world”, “adjust when life has a different idea”.

Most, I thought, was about “being good” and working towards harmonious co-existence. Like “letting others be other”, “don’t try to convert others” p211.

In the final analysis, this is a nice handy book if you’re looking for a renewal of ideas and perspectives for personal development.

And like many things in life, I suppose it’s does to what you ultimately believe and how open-minded you are.

P45. Wash the dishes with all your heart (be present with all that is with you; “in a charmed life, the best thing going is what is happening now”).

P102. “Nurturing one tiny part of the Divine in expression — yourself or myself, for instance– increases the bliss in (and value of) the universe.”

P161. “The fear in your life is like the kid at your door selling magazine subscriptions. Both will blow in every now and then, but you don’t have to invite them to spend the evening.”

P163. People living a charmed life isn’t immune to down times; they just make those times short. Suggests a “pity party”, where one is allowed to indulge in self pity from 15mins to four hours. Fundamentals of bouncing back: take a shower, tidy the house (not perfection cleaning), watch a funny movie, play uplifting music, go out/ walk/ breathe.