When I first started a book blog, I used the Blogger platform. Then WordPress came along with its very professional-looking, regularly refreshed templates. I was very much attracted to that, among other things.

I still love WordPress. The templates are amazingly refreshing.

These days I’m not so concerned about how the blog looks. I realise WordPress needs some form of advertisment revenue to sustain itself. And plonking ads on the free hosted blog is a fair enough deal. Which is why it doesn’t allow other ads to be put in the posts. Like Amazon Affliate or Google Adsense.

I still have plenty of blogs hosted on WordPress. I’ll continue to host them on WordPress.

Just that this one, I’ve decided to move it back to Blogger. Mainly because I’d like to see more click-throughs to my Amazon Affliate books. Not that there’s a lot but you know, I enjoy a complimentary coffee once every decade.