1. 10 ways to change the world in your 20s/ libuse binder
  2. All-star Superman 1/ grant morrison, frank quietly & jamie grant
  3. All-star Superman 2/ grant morrison, frank quietly & jamie grant
  4. American Born Chinese/ Gene Luen Yang
  5. Analog science fiction and fact/ Dec 2010
  6. Architectural Record/ Mar 2012
  7. Asian defence & diplomacy/ vol 18 dec 2011/ jan 2012
  8. Astro City: the dark age 1 – brothers & other strangers/ Busik, Anderson, Ross, Sinclair
  9. B.P.R.D. vol 1, Hollow Earth & other stories
  10. Beyond band of brothers: the war memoirs of Major Dick Winters/ major dick winters with colonel cole c. kingseed
  11. Bicycling/ Jan-Feb 2011
  12. Bike snob: systematically & mercilessly realigning the world of cycling/ bikesnobNYC
  13. Bloomberg Business Week/ Apr 2 – Apr 8 2012
  14. Creating personal presence: how to look, talk, think and act like a leader/ dianna booher
  15. Death in the city of lights/ David King
  16. Good strategy bad strategy: the difference and why it matters/ Richard P. Rumelt
  17. Halo: bloodline/ Van Lente & Portela
  18. Halo: Helljumper/ Peter David & Eric Nguyen
  19. Hellboy: masks and monsters
  20. Mike Mignola’s B.P.R.D. [3], plague of frogs
  21. Mountain bike action/ Oct 2011
  22. Romeo & Juliet (No Fear Shakespeare Graphic Novels)/ Matt Wiegle
  23. Runaways: homeschooling/ Immonen & Pichelli
  24. Self/ Yann Martel
  25. Siege/ Brian Michael Bendis & Olivier Coipel
  26. Soulfire: Dying of the light/ J.T. Krul, Michael Turner, Micah Gunnell, Beth Sotelo
  27. Standing ground: an imprisoned couple’s struggle for justice against a communist regime/ Kay Danes
  28. Stephen King’s The Stand: Captain Trips/ Aguirre-Sacasa, Perkins & Martin
  29. Tales of inspiration: stories of faith, hope and love that will touch your heart and make you believe/ werwinkski, c.a.
  30. Tan Kah Kee and Lee Kong Chian in the making of modern Singapore and Malaysia/ Edited by Leo Suryadinata
  31. The iron dragon’s daughter/ Michael Swanwick
  32. The Losers: book 1/ Andy Diggle & Jock
  33. The new avengers: illuminati/ Bendis, Reed & Cheung
  34. The Odyssey/ Roy Thomas & Greg Tocchini
  35. The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor and the bogus identity/ Mike Carey & Peter Gross
  36. Web Designer/ issue 197
  37. Winterworld/ Chuck Dixon & Jorge Zaffino