A series created by Michael Turner. Collects issues #0 to 5. According to the Wikipedia article (and from what I gather from the introduction and preceding blurbs in this volume), the Soulfire: dying of the light is a spin off, much like a prequel; an Origins tale.

The story is set in the dying days in a medieval-structured society, of dragons and magic — where its inhabitants have wings and can fly. They find themselves plagued by a mysterious illness that cause people to lose their wings and/ or die (though not all who lose their wings die, it seems).

A few of them go on a quest to discover the cause and cure of this illness. Of which there isn’t any cure and no way out (this is a prequel to the series).

That isn’t all — there is a plot and uprising led by someone called Rainier. He is able to subjugate dragons (both good and bad ones).

Interesting stuff:

There are two species of dragons: four-legged and two-legged. The former are predominantly good and more intelligent while the latter are brutish (actually the two-legged have four proper legs, just that their wings are attached to the front like bats).

Apparent influences of ideas from East-Asian cultures and mythos. Like how the illness isn’t an isolated phenomenon but a natural cycle (influences of Buddhist-like philosophy of the cyclical birth and rebirth?) Or characters fighting with kungfu-like poses; of shaven-headed monks in isolated mountain temples (a bit like the US-made Kung Fu series that starred David Carradine).