Michael Swanwick is definitely one of my favourite Fantasy/ Scifi/ steampunkish author.

This book is a collection of 16 short stories (published in various places) compiled as one book.

Includes stories of the two cons, Darger and Surplus. There’s also the Faerie/ steampunk stories that are part of the Dragons of Babel novel.

Stories range from Scifi (“Hello,” Said the stick) to Epic Fantasy (Urdumheim). Everything in between is a mix of both, which I think is Swanwick’s style.

Funny intro by Terry Bisson (a creative fictional piece of Swanwick being interviewed in a talkshow).


“Hello,” Said the stick.

The dog said bow-wow.

Slow life.

Triceratops summer.

Tin marsh.

An episode of stardust.

The skysailor’s take.

Legions in time.

The little cat laughed to see such sport.

The bordello in faerie.

The last geek.

Girls and boys, come out to play.

A great day for brontosaurus.

Dirty little war.

A small room in koboldtown.