A re-print of a series that ran in the 1980s. Includes a never published sequel, WinterSea.

WinterWorld is one vision of what post-mordern North American society, experiencing an ice-age, might be like. The protagonist, Scully, is a lone hunter-trader who survives by barter trading and on his wits. A badger is his pet/ side kick. He meets Wynn, a girl-child, who claims she is from a tribe who have flying machines.

Plot-spolier: Scully and Wynn gets captured by marauding bands, forced to work as slave labour, make their way out, find Wynn’s tribe, Scully gets kicked out, learns that Wynn and tribe are in danger, goes back to save them.

WinterWorld is a place where there is some functioning technology, where bands of humans live in a hunting-gathering and trading culture. No warm agriculture or industry. It’s like what remained of human society has moved to Antarctica. The generations of humans, living in bands or slugging it out and have forgotten a life before the ice-age.