The final instalment of a series in the Marvel Universe that reads like an All-Star play book. According to the blurb, the story arc began with Avengers Dissembled, then extending through House of M, Civil War and Secret Invasion — which I realised I’ve read them at different stages…

Asgard has mysteriously appeared over a US town. The Green Goblin, leader of a government quasi-military organisation of Superpowered beings, colludes with Loki to invade Asgard.

The fight begins, hell breaks loose, both gods and superpowered mortals die.

The Avengers — new and old guards (the latter like Captain America, Iron Man, Nick Fury, Spider-Man) essentially step in to stop the fight.

But the bad guys have a nasty ace up their sleeves in the form of… I’ll just say its a Super.