The Illuminati of the Marvel Universe is: Iron Man, Professor X, Black Bolt, Sub-Mariner, Mr Fantastic, and Dr Strange.

They secretly band together to (as the blurb says) “take on threats no one else can handle” and “learn of secrets that will change the way we look at the Marvel Universe” (I left out the exclamation mark).

It’s one of the more interesting read, perhaps proving again that Brian Michael Bendis’ touch is there (apologies to Brian Reed; I loved Spider-woman: Origin, btw).

The backstory is that Earth has just beaten back a Skrull invasion, thanks to the Supers. The graphic novel starts with the Illuminati going to the Skrulls and warning that if they ever try to invade Earth again, the Supers are going to woop their behinds again.

The Skrull King of course doesn’t take this kindly (if he did, no story right?)

So events unfold and… That’s where you have to read the rest of the story yourself. The Skrulls and the Illuminati do meet again but sort of leaves the end of this series on a cliff hanger for another story line.

Ok, why Sub-Mariner? A way to bring back an old-school character?