Choc-full of articles that – i suspect – would be relevant case studies in the future. The articles still seem as relevant now (read in Jul) as when they went to print 2 to 3 months ago.

Plenty of interesting tech/ business related news. E.g. HD camera surveillance industry;

A special report on the austerity measures in Europe; insightful highlights of the various cost cutting measures by the various EU nations. Snippets of infographics, human-interest side stories to hammer home the point about the impact of the economic downturn and miscalculated government initiatives.

Another feature article: Steve Job’s obsession with breaking the Android OS; summary of the patent wars between Apple and Samsung. P60. has an excellent infographic that summarised the various patent cases and their linkages between major companies (Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola, Oracle, Google, Barnes and Noble, Kodak)

KFC’s contrasting approach towards investment in the US franchisees VS. boom towns in China and Ghana.

Economic woes arising from massive bad debts in the banking industry, mostly from risky housing loans. Seems to me there were several examples of the concurrent excesses of social welfare and generous state subsidy schemes from earlier years; of politicians indirectly guaranteeing votes through populist measures that were ultimately funded with government debt.

Other articles:

On the pending US debt-ceiling crisis that would have to be confronted on Jan 1, 2013.

UK men’s fashion revival.