p. 60. Feature article on Campagnolo (the Italian bike component maker): its business philosophy and approach. In essence, it resisted global expansion to cheaper bike, partly because it lacked the know-how then, but later as a deliberate policy of protecting the company’s knowledge and expertise in component R&D. Cited Schwinn’s demise after they expanded to Taiwan by collaborating with a Taiwanese firm, Giant. As a result of the inevitable knowledge transfer, Giant eventually became a competitor to Schwinn (p.67).

p. 18. On diary products; its benefits if one knows what and how much to consume.

p. 42. Review of ‘dream’ custom bikes.

p. 58. How to clear obstacles: Be ready/ anticipate; Go faster over cracks; Use knees and flexing elbows to soak up bumps; short-raising the front wheel; bunny hops.