2012 issue, though by issue numbering only I can’t tell whih month it was (deliberately left out, even in the fine print?)

Targeted at any one who looks beneath the hood of the web site: web developers, from UI to UX; front end developer; backend integrators; DIY learn-as-they-go end users to SOHO freelancers. Fairly broad on terms and not that deep technically that ‘hobbyists’ can’t follow. Has enough depth that a practitioner can’t try out suggested codes. CD-ROM includes tutorials.

This issue overs:

  • WordPress blog security
  • Responsive design and the new iPad (3)
  • Dynamic content animation
  • Building an HTML 5 game with EaselJS
  • Making Electric type effects
  • Supercharge your CSS with Sass
  • Assemble a web server with Node.js
  • Round up of the best Tumbleblogs
  • Hosting listings
  • 24 sites with memorable, impactful logos
  • Evolution of Four-square
  • Profiles web designers and developers. “web talent showcase”


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