My friend suggested I should read this book. But he didn’t tell me it would be so much fun!

Funny and irreverent. Sensible at the same time.

Sometimes so funny I had to close the book before I laugh myself silly in a train carriage full of strangers.

P88 “”That’s when I was carrying your a**,” the Lord replies, which naturally shuts the guy up and drives home the point of the poem, which is that God is awesome and works in mysterious ways, like a pair of SRAM Red Shifters.”

P11. “A bicycle can give you the feeling of freedom and speed you get from riding a motorcycle, te sense of well-being and peace you get from meditating, the health benefits you get from an afternoon in the gym, the sense of self-expression you get from learning to play guitar, and the feeling of victory you get from completing a marathon.”

Or that Bikes have no souls. They are meant to be used, not revered.

P26-P28 by the 1890s NY cycling scene was bustling. Author cites newspaper articles. One was a call for dedicated cycle lanes as well.

P27 “And cyclists were demanding better conditions, as they still are today. The Brooklyn Bridge had only been open in 1883 and was still the longest suspension bridge in the world; already, cyclists were demanding a bike lane on it.”

P42 “And the fact that it involves “hardwork” and “the limitation of the rider” proved to be advantages and not disadvantages, because hard work makes you stronger and learning your limitations allow you to overcome them.”

Lone wolf, Beautiful Godzillas, Urban Cyclists, Cyclocrossers, Roadies, Messengers, Contraption Captains: descriptions of various types of cyclists as if they were a sub-species on their own. Which read to be quite true.

P118. Riding in traffic without getting killed: be confident; don’t ride next to cars at intersections; watch out for car doors; ride with lights.

156 tips on locking the bicycle.

A recurring theme is that one should enjoy cycling as a lifestyle and not be bogged down by equipment, attire or obsess over bike maintenance.

P168 “once you fall in love with cycling, you will automatically get fit”

P186. On how not to crash: look, use brakes, listen, observe the rules, ride a lot, don’t drink, don’t listen to other people.