1. Aftermath: Prepare for and survive apocalypse 2012/ Lawrence E. Joseph
  2. Aliens: Female war/ Mark Verheiden
  3. Asimov’s Science Fiction/ March 2011 
  4. Battlestar Galactica: Complete Omnibus V1 
  5. Battlestar Galactica: Ghosts 
  6. Between water and song: New poets for the twenty-first century/ edited by Norman Minnick
  7. Bicycles: Love poems 
  8. Bloomberg Businessweek/ June 27 – July 3, 2011
  9. Blue Beetle: Black and blue/ Matthew Sturges & Mike Norton
  10. Brevity 2: Another collection of comics by Guy & Rodd/ Guy Endore-Kaiser & Rodd Perry
  11. Buy me: new ways to get customers to choose your products and ignore the rest/ Marshall Cohen
  12. Buying time: trading your retirement income for income and lifestyle in your retirement years/ Daryl Diamond
  13. Coach Wooden: The seven principles that changed his life and will change yours/ Pat Williams
  14. Core strength for dummies, pocketbook edition/ LaReine Chabut
  15. Digital animation 
  16. Dog fancy/ natural dog (2 issues in 1)/ Aug 2011
  17. Freakonomics 
  18. Fundsupermart/ 4Q 2009
  19. Futurama: The time bender trilogy/ created by Matt Groening; story by Ian Boothby
  20. Gone case/ Dave Chua
  21. Happiness at the end of the world/ Happy smiley and friends
  22. Heroes vol 1 
  23. How an economy works and why it crashes/ Peter D. Schiff
  24. Jack Doe: Anonymous/ Shawn Yap, Gabriel Chua, Xander Lee
  25. James Robinson’s complete WildCATS 
  26. Jia: a story of North Korea/ Hyejin Kim
  27. Kato vol 1: Not my father’s daughter/ Ande Parks
  28. Liquid thinking: Inspirational thinking from the world’s greatest achievers/ Damian Hughes
  29. Lost Squad/ written by Chris Kirby; art by Alan Robinson; lettered by Kel Nuttall
  30. Love is the best medicine: what two dogs taught a veterinarian about hope, humility, and everyday miracles/ Dr. Nick Trout
  31. Mac Life/ May 2010
  32. Macworld/ April 2011
  33. Macworld/ May 2011
  34. Mental floss: genius instruction manual 
  35. Myspace Darkhorse Presents (MDHP) vol 4.
  36. Northlanders. Book one: Sven the returned/ Brian Wood
  37. Northlanders. Book two: The cross and the hammer/ Brain Wood
  38. Relational intelligence: how leaders can expand their influence through a new way of being smart/ Steve Saccone
  39. Return on engagement: content, strategy, and design techniques for digital marketing/ Tim Frick – Standard
  40. Six degrees of expatriation/ Maida Pineda
  41. Small message, big impact: how to put the power of the elevator speech effect to work for you/ Terri L. Sjodin
  42. Social media metrics/ Jim Sterne
  43. StarCraft: Frontline. Volume 1.
  44. Story structure architect: A writer’s guide to building dramatic situations & compelling characters/ Victoria Lynn Schmidt
  45. Stranded vol 1/ Mike Carey & Siddharth Kotian
  46. Strategic thinking: a nine step approach to tragedy for marketeers and managers/ Simon Wootten & Terry Horne
  47. Strength for life: the fitness plan for the rest of your life/ Shawn Philips
  48. Teenage as a second language 
  49. Terminator: revolution 
  50. The agile enterprise 
  51. The appeal/ John Grisham
  52. The brain fitness workout: brain training puzzles to improve your memory, concentration, decision-making skills, and mental flexibility/ Philip Carter
  53. The collected stories of Arthur C. Clarke. Short stories/ Arthur C. Clarke
  54. The crown and other stories/ Rabindranath Tagore; translated by Ranjita Basu
  55. The digital handshake: seven proven strategies to grow your business using social media/ Paul Chaney
  56. The genius machine: the eleven steps that turns raw ideas into brilliance/ Gary Sindell
  57. The home and the world 
  58. The immortal iron fist 
  59. The past and the punishments 
  60. The Question: The five books of blood/ Greg Rucka et al.
  61. The right decision 
  62. The tarnished angel 
  63. The unwritten: Inside man/ Mike Carey & Peter Gross
  64. The war that time forgot: Vol 1 
  65. Twitterville: how businesses can thrive in the new global neighborhoods/ shel israel
  66. What should I do with the rest of my life? True stories of finding success, passion and new meaning in the second half of life/ Bruce Frankel – Standard
  67. What the dog saw, and other adventures/ Malcolm Gladwell
  68. Why we run: a natural history/ Bernd Heinrich
  69. Work’s intimacy/ Melissa Greg
  70. Yes! 50 secrets from the science of persuasion/ Noah Goldstein, Steve J. Martin, Robert B. Caildini