[Graphic violence]


Like the previous one, this is another Viking story but it takes place in A.D. 1014 during the Norse occupation of Ireland (I didn’t know the Vikings ruled Ireland for a while).

It’s a story that, at first read, appears like a straightforward telling of a loyalist (one man with his young daughter) battling against the occupiers. He is pursued by a Viking lord.

But it gets slightly more complex than that, character-wise.

From the book blurb: “One man, dedicated to killing his way to an end to tyranny. Another man, just as dedicated to stopping him. But in the eleventh hour, a dark secret from Magnus’s past threatens to unravel both his mission and his relationship with Brigid.”

The twist at the end is a bit more subtle compared to Book One, I thought. Certainly has gotten me very interested in the history of the Vikings and their expansion into modern day United Kingdom.