P15. Years to reach 50 million users:
Internet (4), television (13), radio (38), telephone (74).

P15. Overview of music-sharing sites and court action: mp3.com, napster (others that subsequently followed: Kazaa, Limewire, iMesh, Shareaza, BitTorrent). On Apple capturing the legal music download/ sales market.

P25. three categories of value propositions:
* Price-value (Dell, Walmart: extend their low cost to adjacent markets)
* Performance-value (Intel, Nokia, Medtronic: growth based on emerging/ converging tech)
* Relational-value (Fidelity Investments, IBM Global Services: provide/ extend integrated solutions)

P25 – 31. agile enterprise is about continual introspection and reinvention, while maintaining focus on growth and cost control (which are also management challenges today). Also the need for “breakthrough culture” (mindsets, attitudes), adaptive/ innovative teams and adaptive infrastructure (inclusion, governance, tech transfer, process innovation).

P51. Enterprise agility can be measured by time taken for managerial actions for: sensing a need to change directions (sense), to decide on a course of action (decide), make change and return to the beginning of the cycle (respond), time taken to validate the outcome (sense).

P35. Three types of innovation: Product, Collaboration (enhance pdt/ service offered through partnering other enterprises), process (Dell & Amazon offering different and better ways to sell a similar product against their competitors).

P41. Talks about “next generation process automation”.

P61. Definition of a Service Vs. Process: A service has defined deliverables; measured and reported quality; a defined price; value is judged by the customer (last one is the key).

P103. Diagram showing GNP growth against various eras: though chart is confusing. Not sure which country: agricultural (up to 1700?), Industrial (up to 1970), information (up to 1995 or starting?), network (to 2005)