P26. Reviews the iPhone 4.

P30. Reviews apps from Apple Appstore.

P32. “100 things every Mac user should know”. What was useful to me: searching with Spotlight:
use quotation marks
“-” operator to exclude
“name: “mob dick”” to search by filename
“kind” string, e.g. “kind:PDF “mob dick””. Other keywords to use with KIND (pural and singular also works): application, audio, bookmark, contact, email, folder, font, ical event, ical to-do items, image, movie, music, PDF, preference/ system, presentation.

P48. On protecting online privacy. Covers the risks and remedies wrt web browsing (simple checks like looking at the full URL and not just the starting; mentions MacScan, free, macscan.securemac.com; Abode Flash online settings; see macworld.com/6931), Social Networking and email.

P70. Reviews the Macbook Air. Recommends it as a traveller photographer’s dream, if one can afford the price.

P82. using GarageBand for multitrack recording.