Neal Barret, Jr. “new weird” fiction.

P.9 James Patrick Kelly’s “On The Net” column. On Nicholas Carr’s “The Shallows: What the Internet is doing to our brains”; see also,, 2008 study on how net surfing improved seniors brain activation; Michael Merzenich’s blog post

P41. “Every time you slept, the world fell a little further during the night” – from “I Was Nearly Your Mother” by Ian Creasey.

P54. I like the way the immense size is articulated: Jupiter is 22 Earths in a row; the Sun is 5 Jupiters across. From “God in the Sky” by An Owomoyela.

P90. Loved Robert Reed’s “Purple”. Story about humans who are rescued by a more advanced being; like how humans rescue animals and run animal shelter. Could be an excellent story to discuss human motivations.

P107. Paul Di Filippo’s On Books column. Recommends classic authors Poul Anderson (whose “Call Me Joe” was inspiration for James Cameron’s Avatar), James Blish, Lester del Rey