StarCraft: Frontline Volume 1 (Starcaft) (v. 1)
ISBN: 9781427807212

Published by Tokyopop. Science Fiction manga aimed at the teen market.

Based on the popular Blizzard video game series. Warfare among the three sentient races: Humans, Protoss (aliens who seem to be of a higher shamanistic culture), and Zerg (brutish Alien-like predators).

Why We Fight – perspectives of the three different races and motivations for the war.

Thundergod – a conniving and self-serving Thor operator who gets greedy in his search for a lost treasure.

Weapon of war – a psionic boy; embattled humans facing decimation from the Zergs.

Heavy Armor Part 1 – battle between two humans: a mentee against his mentor who’s gone crazy.

Includes a preview of the Warcraft (graphic novel, also by Tokyopop).