Lost Squad
ISBN: 9781932796414

This is like “X-files” meets “The A-team” meets “Indiana Jones” meets “Hellboy” meets “X-men”.

Enjoyable stuff. Got me turning the pages to discover more quirky juxtaposition of ideas and Good Vs Evil action.

It’s the beginning of World War II. The Nazis use of technology and arcane knowledge is winning the war: Nazi mages command demons and zombies, rocket-propelled shock troops and armoured spider tanks. They are also seeking historical artifacts that could enhance their occult powers.

The Lost Squad is a specially assembled motley crew of soldiers, with special training and/ or abilities.
They are led by US army Captain Boudreau, an ex-priest (who has to dig deep into his faith again, to save a young girl and his comrades).
Major Smithenry, a British on attachment, is a powerful mage and is hinted to be very long-lived.
Corporal Berg, demolition expert.
The Kansas Kid, sharpshooter and has the ability to read minds.
Sergeant Lymangood, seasoned veteran and wildly unpredictable, with a personal baggage he needs to rid.
Jose Morales, an ace with a bazooka.
The “Chicago Boys”, Chance, Tinker and Evers. The three seems to look alike and have fast healing powers (clones?).

Wished there was more. The last chapter killed off most of the lost squad members.