Starman: To Reach the Stars (Book 6)
ISBN: 1563897121

Starman aka Jack Knight. Carrying on his family mantle of Opal City’s hero-in-residence.

Deeper layers of Starman’s relationship with girlfriend, Sadie, emerges, where she eventually confesses why she wanted to be with him (to have him help find her brother, whom she believes is still alive among the stars). Which eventually culminates this volume with Jack going to the stars.

Along the way, Jack battles Captain Marvel, as Jack’s father tries to help his former comrade, Bulletman, clear his name from a neo-Nazi plot.

The prelude has Jack regale the tale of the first hero of Opal City, when the place was still a frontier town in the Wild West. And stories of the earlier Starmans before Jack serves to build up the dilemma facing Jack, in choosing between being Starman and the sacrifices to be made with regards to love.