Robotika Volume 2: For a Few Rubles More
ISBN: 9781932386714

This carries a Mature Audience label, for graphic violence (though it’s less graphic and violent than some other graphic novels I’ve read).

Very cool concept. It’s like Steampunk meets Aikra meets Kungfu Hussle meets the Wild Wild West.

Plot-wise, it’s more like a collection of standalone stories, whose linking threads are slowly being revealed.

At the end of the story, I’m left with an impression of the story: the main protagonist is a woman who’s maybe searching for something, or perhaps just wandering around like bounty hunters of the Wild West. Her traveling companions are a cyborg (more of a man with machine parts) and another man with mysterious Kungfu powers.

BTW, I’ve to state that I enjoyed this a lot and can’t wait for more. I said I only have an “impression” not that the storytelling isn’t clear (it is, and the narrative style for the finall story is fantastic) because this is clearly an unraveling plot, calculated to make the reader crave for an understanding of The Big Picture.

It’s like this was a pilot episode of a SciFi serial.

I can spend a few weeks/ months just analysing the art and colours. This graphic novel made me want to create my own Steampunk Neo-asia Bounty-hunter world.

Very cool. Definitely looking out for this one.