Lobster Johnson Volume 1: Iron Prometheus (v. 1)
ISBN: 9781593079758

Thought this was a Hellboy series but it wasn’t.

The setting is related though: there are monsters, the Nazis, powers from beyond human realm, Good Vs Evil struggle. And of course the Good Guys.

Lobster Johnson isn’t a lobster per se, nor does he have lobster-like powers (is there such a thing?) He appears more like Batman, solving crime and mysteries, armed with a mask and devices. And his wits to get out of scraps and danger.

The difference with Lobster Johnson and the Gotham City hero is that the former has absolutely no qualms about killing the bad guys. And he leaves his signature lobster claw mark on the dead.

In this story, the Nazis are after something called the Vril Energy Suit. So is a leader of a mysterious and evil cult.

This novel also contains a backstory, speculating on the origins of Lobster Johnson.