A Practical Guide to Mentoring: How to Help Others Achieve Their Goals
ISBN: 9781845283704

A “how to” book, with instructive and concise guidelines and principles. In some cases, steps are given (e.g. How to plan the meetings).

– nature and scope of mentoring (mentor should be an independent source of help; should not be a supervisor)
– helping people to progress (understanding the mentee’s needs and expectations)
– mentoring approach; who can do it (provides a definition of mentoring; basic rules, pre-requisites for being a mentor)
– matching mentors and mentees (factors to consider)
– preparing for the mentoring role (clarifying objectives, obtain background info, what to do at first meeting)
– on establishing the mentoring relationship (set boundaries, contact strategies, matching mentor/ mentee learning styles)
– on the mentoring process (planning mentoring meetings, logistics, dealing with issues)
– ending the mentoring relationship (planning the exit strategy, recognising when the relationship is not working, setting an end date)
– benefits and pitfalls (of mentoring process)
– getting started
– mentoring scenarios (examples and suggestions of dealing with the issues)