Concrete Volume 1: Depths
ISBN: 9781593073435

Came across this collection of Concrete stories. Wanted to refresh my memory.

Strangely, I seem to have gotten my facts wrong. In this earlier post, I wrote that Concrete was “in an avalanche and would have been dead if aliens did not encase his dying body in concrete”. But in “Depths”, Concrete’s origin was that he and a friend were captured by Aliens (similarly in concrete form) and involuntarily became their experimental subjects, transposed to a concrete body.


This collection contains 10 stories, from various issues published by Dark Horse:

  • A stone among stones (Larry is hired; Concrete is flown to save trapped miners)
  • Lifestyles of the rich and famous (Concrete gets conned into a guest appearance)
  • Water god (Concrete prototypes his fins and buoyancy tank; meets two pesky kids)
  • The Transatlantic swim (an attempt at setting a record gone wrong; capsized; the relationship between Concrete, Dr. Vonnegut, and Larry deepens and gets more complicated; rescued)
  • A new life (Concrete’s origins story; alien abduction; escape from the aliens; seeking help from the military; meeting Dr. Vonnegut; public deception)
  • Straight in the eye (rescue of a downed pilot)
  • An armchair stuffed with dynamite (Concrete working as a bodyguard for a popular musician; foiling a murder attempt; trying to right a wrong)
  • Sympathy from a devil (Participating in a marine research outing)
  • Orange glow (Concrete reminisces about his childhood episode; of a friend lost in a caving expedition)
  • Vagabond (autobiographical short story of Chadwick’s attempt to see the world by hitchhiking around the country)

What I got right (from the first post) though: Concrete is one heck of a read.

The art and storytelling is worthy of the awards the series has won.