The Visionary Package
ISBN: 1403906777

Published in 2005 (maybe Apple wasn’t that “hot” yet and that’s why it’s not covered here?)

Suggests that the product’s packaging is the 6th ‘P’ in retail marketing (following Philip Kotler’s Price, Product, Place, Promotion, Positioning). Later few chapters advocates the case for packaging to be accorded a more prominent role in product decisions.

P3. “In the store, it is the package that communicates the positioning of the brand.”

P4. Emphasis of the book is on “opportunities for promoting brands and products through packaging and brand identity”.

Covers evolution and history of packaging, how packaging affects emotions, link between packaging and brand loyalty, how changing lifestyles affect packaging, how digital age will affect packaging, how to “exploit promotional opportunities through packaging”.

P15. Napoleon Bonaparte sought to find a container to store & preserve food for his prolonged campaigns. French govt offered 12,000 Francs as an incentive. Nicholas Appert, a French chef and confectioner, successfully developed a way of sealing and heating food in glass jars. Proven to work by the French Navy, after four months at sea.

Chpt6. global trends in packaging (shaped, functionality, light-weight, tamper-proof, environmentally-friendly, emotional appeal)

Chpt 14. More on trends in packaging.

P156. central issues in next decade: emphasis on branding, role of package design agencies, proliferation of mass marketing, significance of e-commerce.

P158. The word ‘Branding’ is derived from the Norse word ‘brandr’, meaning ‘to burn’. Survives as the practice of cattle branding, and now used in marketing-speak (“leaving a mark”/ make an impression).

P159. Beginning of 20th century was when more goods were sold in packages rather than straight out of barrels or equivalent. 1930s package designers: Raymond Loewy, Jim Nash, Frank Gianninoto, Bob Neubauer, Karl Fink. Walter Landor cited as equating package design with branding.

P161. Packaging being undervalued and unappreciated.

Section 5, on the future of “visionary packaging”. Ideas include packaging of frozen food dinner trays, with different tray components varying the cooking temperature.

Chpt 23. the digital package. Discusses RFID technology and privacy implications.