Spawn Origins Volume 1 (Spawn Origins Collection)
ISBN: 9781607060710

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn has, well, spawned (bet you didn’t see that awkward phrase coming) a range of toys and collectible action figures in the early ’90s.

My first glimpse into the Spawn universe was when my brother brought home two fairly large-size Spawn action figures. Still packed in their boxes.

But it’s only until now, when I spotted this graphic novel in the library, that I’ve actually read the Spawn stories.

He’s a superhero, with supernatural and magic-like powers. But he’s one who has come back from the dead.

You quickly learn about his past, his link to the mysterious killings, the deal he made with a demon.

Graphic violence depicted (full page spread of blood and gore), and I suspect that shock factor then was one of those things that made the series appealing, relative to the ‘safer’ comic titles at that time.

This collection (issues 1-6) has excerpts of McFarlane’s interviews; how and when he conceived the idea, his vision for the series. There was one where he described Spawn (the concept) as a means to venture into storylines and plots that avenging superheroes like Batman dare not venture, i.e. to kill criminals as a means of payback.

It’s also my guess that the stories also reflected on the themes in the ’90s: organised crime, government black ops, the flaws in the US justice system (pedophiles being allowed back into society).

Interestingly, reading Spawn now, it seems to me it reflected an older style in paneling, illustration, inking and text/ wordings. It’s like seeing fashion styles in older photographs and instantly identifying the era at which the photos were taken, with a sense of nostalgia. Going through this series was like that, even though the colours and printing for this set are new. It’s a faithful rendition of the original. I’m sure fans of Spawn will love this.