My Jakarta: Stories of Life in the City, From the Pages of the Jakarta Globe
ISBN: 9793780754

Interviews with ordinary citizens, politicians, diplomats, rich, poor, expats, a gangster.

A very, very interesting read.

Wasn’t sure how interesting it would be, reading about the lives of ordinary people (Indonesians). First few started out slow, but then it gradually got more interesting. I think in revealing about its people, the interviews reveal about the country as well.

Traffic jams.
Public transport woes.
Inefficiencies and corruption in government.
Seeking a better life.
Not able to pay school fees. Dropping out of school.
A gulf between the rich and poor.
Indefatigable spirit of people.

P63. vendor who illegally sells endangered sea turtles, from a shop he rents from the govt.

P2116. Blogger Terry Collins –