Marvel Knights 2099 TPB (Marvel Heroes)
ISBN: 0785116133

A collection featuring the future (year 2099) versions of Daredevil, Black Panther, Inhumans, Punisher, and Mutant.

Some surprises (i.e. WARNING — mostly plot-giveaways!); a 100 years from now…

  • Daredevil is actually the Kingpin
  • Black Panther fights (a new) Doctor Doom, and wins. But actually he’s bought off by the evil Doc Doom.
  • OK, I’m not really familiar with the Inhumans… they have left earth on a mega spacefaring ship. Evil brother reveals his, well, evil plot to his elder.
  • The Punisher is a woman. She’s dying. Teaches her son the skills of the murder trade. Will he take up the family legacy?
  • Mutants are outlawed. Those with the mutant genes are “cured” with a drug. A young mutant understudy (under a robot version of Reeds Richard) ponders if he should try to lead a normal life.

Warned ya, didn’t I?

But then I’m not really giving away anything that hasn’t already! 🙂

Daredevil (Marvel Knights 2099)
Black Panther (Marvel Knights 2099)
The Punisher (Marvel Knights 2099)
Mutant (Marvel Knights 2099)
(couldn’t find the entry for Inhumans)