The Dresden Files: Storm Front (Dresden Files (Dynamite))
ISBN: 9780345506399

A graphic novel adaptation of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files.

This is one of the (what I see as an) increasing number of works based on the theme of “old world magic in a modern hi-technology society”.

Dresden is a true-blue magic wielding warlock, working as a private investigator in Chicago.

Apparently, he is in trouble with an elder council of warlocks. He is being watched and there are orders to kill him if he breaks the rules. He is able to exercise his magic but limited by some rules.

In this story, he’s been hired by the police department to help unravel a mysterious occult-related killing.

The sub-plots include Dresden’s investigation of a suspected cheating spouse, and demon being sent to kill Dresden.

There are hints of his immense and probably world-destroying powers, something that he seems to be unaware.