Two Caravans
ISBN: 9780670916382

From strawberry picking, to chicken slaughtering, to escaping from murderous thugs. And in between, a blossoming romance.

Newcomer Irina joins the team of “Seasonal Agricultural Workers. Yola the female Polish supervisor, Marta (Yola’s niece), and two chinese girls (one from China and one Malaysian).

Andriy (Ukrainian), Tomasz (Polish), Vitaly (fellow migrant and later “recruitment consultant”), Emanuel (from Zomba, Malawi; “harsh staff of chastisement” aka ruler). And a dog.

They are illegal farm workers. One night, after a bit of run-in involving the farmer’s jealous wife, they all suddenly find themselves on the run.

An insightful novel, no doubt fictitious but probably with some basis from real life, about the exploitation of the transitory migrant (often illegal) workers in Europe.