Halo: Uprising
ISBN: 9780785128380

Brian Bendis is one of my favourite graphic novelist (I’ve not found any of his works, posted in this blog, to be short of expectations).

For those familiar with the Halo video game, this story takes place between Halo 2 and 3 (I’m citing Bendis, from his interview at the end of the graphic novel).

The story starts with the “Master Chief”, sole surviving Spartan, on board the Forerunner Dreadnought . There’s not much about the Master Chief subsequently, in that in he spends most of his time causing mayhem and kicking Covenant butts in their mega ship.

The main story really takes place on Earth. In Cleveland. Where the Covenant forces are searching for “The Key of Osanalan”.

The Main protagonists turn out to be two civilians. One is the younger brother of a UNSC Special Forces colonel (held captive by the Covenant) and the other a female singer.

Basically, all hell breaks loose in Cleveland. Covenant forces are herding people into a stadium. The aliens are seeking The Key of Osanalan. The male lead character is shocked to know he’s connected with the said key.

The only plot-giveaway I’d write is that the Covenant are caught out in a joke of sorts. Humans show their ingenuity against the technologically superior aliens, and manages to kick-butts.

Sounds like a cheesy B-grade film plot, doesn’t it? But no, it doesn’t come across that way. That’s why Halo is a hit beyond just the video game, thanks to writers and artists like Bendis and Maleev.

End part includes an interview with Bendis, where he shares his thoughts and insights into creating a story based on an established videogame ‘multiverse’. He also gives a concise summary of what the Halo game is about.