Marsbound (A Marsbound Novel)
ISBN: 9780441017393

Carmen Dula, with her younger brother and both her parents, are part of the group selected to travel to Mars and stay there for six years.

The novel starts off describing their two-week trip up the space elevator, then the six-month journey to Mars. They land on Mars and there are chores. For some reason, the chief administrator there doesn’t like her.

Up to this point, the novel was proceeding crispily but rather “down-to-Mars” and mundane.

Then comes the tipping point: after an unjust accusation, Carmen leaves the habitat on her own. She injures herself and meets some Martians.

Interestingly the novel could have turned into some cliche. But it didn’t.

Things get really intriguing from then on.

To say more will be to spoil the meat of the story. I’ll end by saying the Martians seems to have been there since eternity, and there’s Something out there!

The novel just whizzes along. The writing is crisp and the pace just flows.