The Island of Lost Souls
ISBN: 9780747585855

“There it was again, though. The plaintive boom of the gong. A lament for the sunlight slowly leaching from the day.” p315.

Seems like an anti-war novel, but that’s not really the core of the story. Set somewhere in the contemporary near-future (not a Scifi novel though).

Main protagonist, Finn, decides to escape the military draft. Partly spooked by the suicide of his brother (who was injured from the war). Ends up being connected to a Mr Skins, who helps him reach an island occupied by a small community who have chosen to isolate themselves from the ‘mainland’. But Mr Skins doesn’t help Finn out of kindness, for there’s a condition (which is slowly revealed along the way). Finn falls in love with an islander, Bryher, who has some emotional baggage of her own.

The plot thickens when some soldiers land on the island and ultimately Finn’s presence puts the small community at risk. The novel’s climax is on whether Finn is able to escape both the military and Mr Skins.