ISBN: 0679734465

“Vast Active Living Intelligence System”. In the book, it’s introduced as a movie.

Set in the drug-culture ’70s era.

This work takes time and patience to read. Not a particularly easy-read in terms of flow, though the writing is quite concise and direct.

Reading this was like peeling off subtle layers of the protagonist’s (named Horselover Fat; an anagram?) mind, to finally reveal the core. Yet not quite sure if there was one, or an end.

At first reading, it was like the commentaries on Christianity’s concept of God in “Transmigration of Timothy Archer”. Or one could interpret this as a man, living in North America in the 70s, influenced by the effects of psychedelic drugs and trying to find the meaning of his existence.

P120. Author’s postulation that Horselover Fat encounter with god could really be an encounter with a future self.
P122. that Horselover Fat may be experiencing the Buddhist concept of enlightenment.

P139-144. summary of the movie, VALIS.