The Umbrella Academy: Dallas
ISBN: 9781595823458

A 2008 Eisner and Harvey award winning series.

Starts off weird, but this has a plot that packs a SciFi wallop.

I have not read volume 1, so maybe that’s why reading the starting pages of this graphic story felt like being parachuted into a strange incoherent universe. Where super-powered kids dressed in adult working suits are battling the statue of Abraham Lincoln. And then wondering what’s the factory of a man grafted to the body of a gorilla, who’s served cookies and milk by a turbaned man servant. Also a pair of sadistic killers wearing oversized innocent-looking animal heads, dressed like FBI agents.

The artwork was like watching a Nickelodeon cartoon (it’s nicely drawn btw). But with blood and gore.

But the weirdness is just enough to tickle one’s curiosity. Then the plot starts to make sense.

WARNING – Plot-spoiler:

A time-travelling assassin goes rogue and sabotages his own assignment to (get this!) kill president Kennedy. He is pursued by his organisation, but manages to violently despatch any opposition. So one would think saving Kennedy would alter history for good, right? But the twist by Gerard Way is this: if Kennedy survives, somehow that will lead to the pair of animal-head sadistic killers possessing a weapon of mass destruction. That ends up destroying earth.

The fun of the graphic story was to have all the weirdness and seemingly incoherent plot points –random quantum events in time — collapse and make SciFi sense.