ISBN: 9781593072391

This graphic novel starts off like a modern-day murder-mystery, and then ends with a cliff-hanger that’s steeped in Christian beliefs (any more detailed and I’d have given the plot away).

This is like “The Name of the Rose” meets “The Exorxist”, at least in my mind (ok, ok enough said).

A potential successor to the Pope is dead. Either murdered or a suicide. London detective Charlie Northern is brought to the Vatican to investigate. He’s a staunch Atheist, who’s rejected his Catholic background (what a back story, eh?). His investigation is hampered by a high ranking cardinal, and he hears of cults and devil worship within the ranks of the church.

The end is quite unexpected for me, even though I anticipated the heavy Atheist-slant, that they have painted the lead character, as potential subterfuge.