Logos Run (Runner)
ISBN: 9780441014286

This is a 5.5 out of 10. Good enough that I finished the book without skipping pages. But I was looking for more military SciFi action, so this story was quite lukewarm, imo.

Logos is an egotistical and whining AI, in the form of a wearable computer garment. Helped by folks on ‘the side of good’, its mission was to restore the long lost Stargates. Beneath its insecure and almost comic-like personality, mid-way we learn that even it has conniving qualities.

The Good:

  • Rebo the Runner
  • Hoggles the “heavy”
  • Norr, a “Sensitive”.
  • Milos Lysander, deceased scientist in spirit form.

The Bad:

  • Shaz, a “Combat Variant”, sent to intercept Logos.
  • Tepho, a physically deformed mafia-styled boss, who’s Shaz’s employer and has a goal of acquiring high-technology for his own ill-intended use.
  • Kane, dead but spirit is still very much ‘alive’; he eggs on Tepho.

The ‘run’ refers to a delivery. Novel is set in a post-apocalyptic world fallen from its once high-technology. There seems to be two camps – the technologists (Technology Society) and antitechnics. Genetically enhanced/ modified humans (called Variants) co-exist with unmodified humans (Norms), though I get the impression that the top dogs tend to be norms. There are remnants of powerful technology still in use, but no one knows how they really work.

The good guys are being pursued by Typhos, who has sent a team led by Shaz, to intercept Logos. Along the way, the good guys end up clashing with a traveling circus, saving their fellow starship passengers from a band of cannibalistic thieves, almost dying in the clutches of a group of anti-technology fanatics, discovering a second logos-like AI, and finally a showdown with Typhos.