Ghost World
ISBN: 1560974273

A graphic novel about two young adult caucasian girls, Enid and (?). They hang out, talk, gossip, have lunch, play pranks, swear…

An interesting glimpse — or should I say a reminder for some people — of the ‘back-of-mind’ little everyday things that make up the growing-up years of young adults in a contemporary society.

I also think the graphic novel’s brilliance is in its choice of focusing the reader on the mundane. Of a stage in life where worries are of a different sort, easily dismissed by jaded adults as aimless.

The girls’ conversations reminded me of the sitcom, Seinfeld, where one episode described it as a sitcom about nothing.

I thought this work was a realistic portrayal of how some young adult girls act and think: fresh out of high school and in a kind of life limbo that only the young can live.