The BBC National Short Story Award (Stort Stories)
ISBN: 9781906021870

Five authors (all who had previously published):

  • Naomi Alderman
  • Kate Clanchy
  • Sara Maitland
  • Jane Rogers
  • Lionel Shriver

Liked Maitland’s “Moss Witch” best. A fantasy tale set in contemporary times. About a botanist who stumbles into a moss forest of sorts. Meets a moss witch. He took her goodwill for granted. Kinda like a parable of humans and nature. In this short story, nature wins but the moss witch has to leave. Makes one wonders if modern human society is not already into some silent death spiral.

Shriver’s “Exchange Rates” was full of dry (Brit?) humour. About a son’s relationship with his frugal/ stingy father. Nice.