The dashing peacemaker : Othman Wok / [research and writing, Faith Teo, Dominic Ying ; editor, Leong Ching].
ISBN: 9789812481641

Part of the “Great Singapore stories: Founding fathers” series.

A very brief, thin book. From the blurb: “… a guide for young and busy readers.”

On one of the People Action Party (PAP) old guard and founding member of Independent Singapore.

Snippets about his childhood, how he got into politics, being a Minister, his marriage (married a second wife), his decision to retire from politics, his life after retirement.

P28. “I believe the riot (on Prophet Mohammed’s birthday) was planned. It did not erupt spontaneously. They were very smart to choose a religious occasion so that if we had stopped it, we would be called anti-Muslim.”