Batman: Year One Hundred
ISBN: 9781401211929

Paul Pope wrote a heck of a story. Artwork is realistic yet has that artsy fluidity. And definite grim.

We find Batman fighting for his life. Shot and wounded. A cop has been killed and Batman was the prime suspect. Intro the other key characters: Gordon (just a detective and not the police commissioner), Goss (medical examiner), Goss’ daughter who’s a computer whizz and hacker, and Robin. Eventually Batman finds a clue and reveals the mystery. Let’s just say it involves a virus bomb. How Batman saves the world is to… well, go read it yourself.

This version of Gotham City is one where there’s a sharp divide between the local police force and a elite Hi-tech federal team. We are not told who’s Batman (though the name Bruce Wayne crops up), and why he’s doing this. Batman has been forgotten, and police information about him deliberately hidden. Which is fodder for sequels.

There’s a bonus of sorts – a short story of a Berlin Batman, set in the 1930s, opposing the Nazis.