The Ballad of Halo Jones
ISBN: 1401205909

Collection of Halo Jones stories originally published in “2000 AD”, 1984 – 86.

Halo Jones is a young human girl (older teenager, it seems) living in a future earth which is occupied by aliens and humans. There is massive unemployment and social unrest happens like clockwork.

Halo Jones decides to seek her future elsewhere and ends up working on an interstellar cruise-ship, ferrying the super-rich. Sub-plot: she meets a group of mind-melded mice, and there are hints the mice are a prelude to something akin to germ warfare.

Fast-forward to nearer the end part of the series: Eventually Halo Jones signs up as a soldier in what seems like an all-women military force, led by an enigmatic General Cannibal.

We follow her military training (somewhat familiar and yet futuristic), her first experience of battle, and a military campaign in a world with immense gravity where soldiers have to fight in gravity-suits and experience time-dilation.

The series ends with Halo Jones surviving the war, and with her dispensing a little justice of her own (this is where the mind-melded rats, the plague-warfare and General Cannibal all makes the necessary connections). And her name passes into legend.