For More Than Glory (Legion)
ISBN: 044102140

Setting: Humans, clones and other alien species have formed a government called the Confederacy of Sentient Beings. The events in this story takes place after the novel “By Force of Arms” (third novel after, if I’m not mistaken).

This novel centres around a Legionnaire (a Confederacy military outfit), Lieutenant Santana. He is posted to the Independent planet of LaNor.

P149. Side story of how Synder became a ‘Trooper II’ (a mechanised cyborg, more like a tank, with a human brain. Cyborgs are classed as humans).

Santana meets his previous ex-CO and nemesis, a Ramanthian, and ends up being under his command again, when he’s sent as part of an armed detachment requested by the LaNorian Empress. LaNorians were styled after the Manchu imperial court and the Boxer rebellion.

Unknown to the Confederacy, the Ramanthians have hatched a plot with the Tro Wa, a breakaway faction led by Lak Saa, a eunuch at odds with the empress. The Tro Wa are intent on usurping the corrupt royal throne, and also throwing out the aliens (confederate forces).

The Tro Wa deploy brutal means to terrorise the citizens who do not subscribe to their causes. Santana is later sent to rescue an estranged missionary, who have been besieged by the Tro Wa. Along the way, he develops a love interest with a confederate diplomatic staff, Vanderveen.

The novel is interspersed with battle scenes involving the technologically superior but numerically inferior confederate forces, and the insurgents. The pace of the novel is excellent and the fighting scenes are also realistically portrayed without repeating themselves.