Corporate Agility: A Revolutionary New Model for Competing in a Flat World
ISBN: 0814409113
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Population trends
Disintermediation via technology (world is flat; )
The new workforce: five sweeping trends that will shape your company’s future/ harriet hankin (longevity, more varied households, generations – boomers and Echoes and Nexters), diversity, and “trust, respect and ethics”: seeking higher purpose in the workplace
From decentralised to mobile

P 241, 245. Table – corporate agility.
Corporate agility.
P22 diagram

103. Difference in next gen. (as customers, as library-workers)

P104. case study: Herman Miller

129/ 130. History of work.

Communication & new media. From shared typing pool to telephone to shared computers to mobile devices to email to social media sites (?)

113/135 IBM On Demand Workplace.
119, 201.
P205 workplace design.
P73. Costs/ energy efficiency

P241. Concept of Time has changed.