ISBN: 0451461851

Following the same treatment in Book 2, we learn of the chain of events from the perspective of the Copper dragon.

In Book 1, I got the impression the copper dragon, crippled in the birthing fight, maliciously led the dwarves to murder his parents and siblings. In this book, we learn that he was also tortured and tricked by the dwarves.

After several sequence of events, he and a bunch of blood-drinking bats end up at the Lavadome, with the Copper later being adopted into a royal family of dragons. He’s named Rugaard and assigned to the Drakwatch (kind of like National Service). He learns of the value of being tenacious, and that intelligence can more than make up for pure brawn. Distinguishes himself with his steadfastness in a battle.

Gradually, he finds himself drawn into the political maneuverings and manipulations within the royal line. A civil war develops. RuGaard manages to turn the tide against the numerically superior dragons by employing the help of the bats.

The Dragonblade makes his appearance yet again. Ironically, it’s RuGaard — the crippled dragon — that manages to kill the Dragonblade, and ultimately avenge their family.