ISBN: 0451461096

Told from the perspective of AuRon’s sister Wistala the Green.

Common thread starts from the time they were born in the cave, to Wistala witnessing the birthing battles among her brothers, to the murder of her mother and other sister. And Wistala escaping with Auron.

After that, their paths diverge.

Wistala finds their father, who appears to be mortally wounded. But Wistala manages to nurse him to health, only to lose him in a final desperate battle with the Dragon-killer, a man called Dragonblade.

She manages to escape once again. Ends up fighting a troll (not the sort of troll that I might have imagined) and then adopted as the daughter of an Elf named Rainfall. Even becomes a librarian!

Part of Wistala’s education was to join a traveling circus. Learns how to pretend to read fortunes.

Eventually, she infiltrates the dwarves (led by the one who murdered her parents), manages to deceive them from her true intent, and she gets her revenge.

End part: she meets Dragonblade and his son (we’re introduced to the boy, Eliam, in Book 1); was also the cause of Eliam’s injury.